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Hi community!

My name is Katie (Not to be confused with the spelling Katey that is in my username. That was simply a misguided pre-teen attempt at making myself unique by "changing" my name. We all had issues back then.) I'm 20 year old college sophomore/junior who is obsessed with my sorority, Hanson, music in general, boys, and eye makeup. Urban Decay is my arsenal of choice.

I'm a English major trapped inside of an Elementary Education major's body. I love writing fiction--especially (/only) in the romance genre.

Beach life is my way of life. With the exception of live music, there is no better feeling in the world than relaxing on the shore with the sun heating your skin and the salt curling your hair.

My journal is typically used in case of drama. So, if you're interested in my emotional rollercoaster (mostly regarding silly fratboys), please add me. I'm looking for more online friends. :)


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