Allie B! ♥ (makingbaank) wrote in add_me,
Allie B! ♥

weight loss add me! ♥

Hi I'm Allie and I'm trying to lose weight.
(Hi, Allie.)

I'm 20 and have given myself 187 days to lose 70 pounds. I could really use support and friendship from people who are going through their own weight loss regime, who already have and succeeded, who already have and failed, all that. I am doing to for health, both physical and mental, and it's going to be a rough 200 days.

We don't have to talk just about weight loss and eating right and that! I like a lot of things. :) Top three songs on my iPod are "Conquest" by White Stripes, "Remedy" by Little Boots, and "Lip Gloss" by Lil mama. Does that help!

This journal will mostly be me going through this phase though, ngl.

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