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This is all so familiar

Hey, my name is Millie!

I left LJ earlier this year, and have decided to come back and start fresh! So I'm looking for friends who can put up with my randomness!

I'm 23, and from Australia.

I don't really know what to tell you about my interests - I lost interest in everything a few years ago and I'm still trying to ... I guess you could say "find my identity" again. I can tell you though, I guess, that I am an artist (of sorts!), and I have a strong love for photography. I am slightly obsessed with music (I reset my itunes in late May, so these plays etc are only since then: my Last.fm library (feel free to add me there too if you like)), and I love to read - I just rarely have the time to! I am a classroom assistant at a special school (autism specific) - but I probably won't talk about work all too often.

However I will probably talk a fair bit about my life (my LJ is my place to just dump about my life - the good and the bad) - and those things listed above as interests as such.

I will also talk about and participate in various fandoms too, as I try and find things I'm interested in again. I used to be madly in love with the Harry Potter series and that is slowly starting to come back to me again. (For those interested: I was (still am I guess) an avid Harry/Hermione shipper - but I don't ship-bash/discriminate!! ^-^)

I also love anything vintage, and feminine. And I think cherry blossoms are the prettiest flowers ever, and I have also started getting back into anime/manga!

I play clarinet, and I've started learning piano... I've also recently started learning to speak Swedish! :D I used to be quite good at speaking Indonesian too, but I've lost most of that due to lack of practice...

I'm pretty much just rambling here. If we have something in common, please let me know in a comment and feel free to friend me :)

Love Millie

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