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Hey Buddy

Hi, I'm Meigz living on the border of Ohio and PA. I don't own a phone, its weird I know. I haven't eaten meat in 2.5 years (don't be perverted you know what I mean!LOL) I like posting pictures of random things. I own two cats. I own two rats. I like when my pets rhyme. I believe that tapping on the glass while passing under a yellow light will make my car continue to run. [shrugs] I dress scary, Boo! I adore zombies and horror moives. I like dying my hair and in some ways that can almost make me knowledgeble enough. I never kill spiders but let them go. I adore Leatherface[1978]. I refuse to throw things or get rid of things till they are dead and beyond working. I need new LJ friends because of the usual things, my old LJers have went and got them one of those things called a life. So I am craving new friends. Let me know!Check which one:
[X] Yes [X]No

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