Michelle <3 (madnessinorder) wrote in add_me,
Michelle <3

 Hey! I'm looking for new LJ friends. :) I'm pretty new to the site, actually. But I love reading creative journals. I've posted here before, but I'm pretty sure that entry is long gone. Let me recap. :]

I'm six foot one quarter inch tall, and my feet are too small for my body. I fall a lot. I might have been meant to be a fat person, because I have the widest hips ever!! I'm smart, and it bothers me when people pretend to be dumb. I believe that happiness is a choice, and you are who you choose to be. I'm nice to people before they get the chance to be mean to me. I hate being compared to people. I appreciate every little thing, because it all deserves to be appreciated. I hate scene kids, so uh. Don't bother. 

I want friends who will actually read my journal and comment on it, and want me to do the same. I value each person that gives enough of a damn to take the time to do that, and be supportive. I really appreciate advice, and even a simple, "it'll be okay" lets me know that you care. <3

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