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Hi, I'm Danae.
I'm an American student of film and German.
Just finishing up my year abroad in Germany, only 5 weeks to go.
I'm also 5 weeks away from turning 21.
I admit that this year I haven't been posting as regularly as normal.
But once I'm back in the States that'll change.
I read my Friends Page every day and I've got some really great, long-time LJ friends.
So I'm not looking for people who aren't committed to this thing.
It makes me sad when people who used to write a lot just disappear.
Basically my hobbies include traveling, writing, reading, going to the movies, tennis and running.
In my journal I mainly write about everyday life & college.
I'll be graduating in May 2011.
Generally I'm on the quiet side and consider myself a good friend.
I'm pretty independent.
I've backpacked for a month on my own and want to do a round-the-world trip one day; that's my biggest goal.
I also want to try out the acting thing, because why not.
LOVE sharing book recommendations.
If you do too then I'll probably love you.
Good time to mention that I hate Twilight, but love Harry Potter.
Otherwise I'm not really a fandom type of girl.
No matter how much they can piss me off, family matters to me.
I support Obama.
Comment here before adding me, please =)

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