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Sit yo $5 ass down before I make change!

That's me! & my friend in the background, lol.

Della or Holly. 20. Orlando, FL. Single.

I drink, I smoke marijuana, & I sometimes indulge in other things. But, that's not all I post about. I'm a big reader, television/movie/cartoon watcher, I love taking pictures, & I'm on a journey through weight loss.

Sometimes I have social anxiety & I think everyone hates me. I love going on random adventures whether it be Walmart, the beach or just packing your bags & headin up north for the weekend.

I hate it when people waste food & being told what to do or that I'm wrong for my beliefs and what I do.

You only live your life once. Now or never. I believe in living every second like it was your last.

Things I enjoy: Harry Potter, pizza, coffee, cigarettes, animals, movie nights, yogurt, walking, dancing, marijuana adventures, local metal shows (or metal shows in general), reading, science fiction/fantasy, cheese, HIM♥, writing, chowder, Dexter, True Blood, MGMT, horror, paranormal stuff, etc.

Add me If:
+ You post/comment frequently. Not asking that you comment on every entry (cuz I totally don't), but I don't want any sitting ducks on my list!
+ We have a few things in common, but it isn't necessary.
+ You think we'd get along
+ You're on a journey through weight loss as well
+ And you don't mind the fact that I'am constantly changing my mind & I sometimes ramble.

Do NOT Add me If:
- You don't speak English.
- You are just going to up and disappear off LJ.
- It's a new journal. Sorry, but I'd prefer if you have been on here for at least a month. I don't mind if you have proof of your old journal.
- You know me in real life. It's annoying.
- & if you have a problem with entries about drugs, alcohol, parties, or being an asshole. Then you probably shouldn't add me either.

Interested? Comment on the FRIENDS ONLY entry (I won't add you unless you comment & add me first) & add me.


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