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This is me

My name is Tia, I'm eighteen, and I recently graduated from Bandera High. I moved to Nashville Tennessee the day after I graduated to live with my older sister and brother-in-law. I love it here. The city life takes some time getting used to but it's pretty cool. Anyways.... so I'm a pretty chill person. Get me around some good friends and family and I'm happy. I don't like drama but, its everywhere so I just deal with it if I have to and move on. I have ambitions and dreams that keep me going. I put most people before myself. I love music and love to party. I love video games. I love love love to read but I tend to be extremely picky with the books I choose. I love to travel. I would really love to go to Europe one day and visit all the cities there. I take pictures all the time of just about anything and everything. You can find me at Starbucks most mornings ordering a tall vanilla bean frappuccino. I watch way to many movies. I'm a smartass..it runs in the family don't blame me. I'm actually kind of shy when I first meet someone but it only lasts for a little bit. I'm a fun person to be around. Sooo yeah that's not all about me but, that's where I'm gonna stop because the list would go on forever.

Please only add me if
- you talk and comment ( dont add me if your just trying to get more friends. i will delete you.) 

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