mick (mick) wrote in add_me,

hi, there, my name's kara. i am 21. i live in new york city with my boyfriend named kyle.

i really don't know where to start - i'm awful when it comes to talking about myself.

i guess a good place is what you'll get when you read my journal. it's mostly random blurbs, to be honest. i don't really have any specific thing i do. i don't update weekly about what's going on in my life or anything. i just post whenever about things that stand out to me, i guess. feelings. events. poems, almost. thoughts. i don't post often but i go online a lot so i read most entries from my friends. i don't always comment, though. i never know what to say.

my main interest is music - i sing and play guitar and i am teaching myself the harmonica. i like a lot of music, from different genres and eras. my favorite band is the rolling stones. my other favorites are tool, the doors, jimi hendrix, eric clapton, cat stevens, pink floyd, the who, the velvet underground, rage against the machine, beck, nine inch nails, sneaker pimps, and the tragically hip. i also really dig iron maiden in small doses. i like a lot of others, too, but you get the gist of it. :) i really do like old rock 'n roll the best, though.

my favorite tv shows are doctor who and infomania and glee fills my soul with hatred. but to be perfectly honest, i don't watch a lot of television.

i like video games, though. especially really old ones. a-and avgn is kind of my life. OTL

one thing i am not fond of is animé. not even gonna lie, i don't have a valid reason. i just want to punch it.

i like surreal and morbid stuff, too, and i will probably end up posting at least a bit of it at one point or another. so maybe my journal isn't for the faint of heart? haha.

yeah, i'm not sure where this is going, either. but! if you're interested, go ahead and add me! i will most likely add you back.

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