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Looking for a few new journals to read/Get to know more people.

~ Twenty-eight years old, born and raised in Woburn Massachusetts (15mi north of Boston)
~ Been off from work for a year. Had a job interview today so fingers crossed.
~ Live with my mom as I can't afford anything else.
~ Have depression/anxiety
~ Use my car (2008 Honda Fit) as a taxi for extra money and mainly drive people to and from Logan Airport.
~ Also walk dogs. However I only have one client left.
~ Have a boyfriend. One and off for a year and now we are back on track but taking it slowly.
~ Have an older sister who has her own family close by.
~ Father died when I was seven from Cancer.
~ One brother died by getting hit by a car in front of our house.
~ Other brother died a year before I was born to Cancer from our towns drinking water.


Books (Total bookworm)
Sports (mainly football)
babies (hope to have one soon ;))
The Internet
My alone time
Anything Paranormal


People who can't spell simple words.
Slow drivers on the highway
Ignorant people
when people screw up a simple order at the drive through
people who lie excessively

Like what you see? Add me. I don't post often... I do mainly updates on my personal life. I do read every entry that's posted. I comment when I have something to say.

If there are any people from India...girls or boys, please consider adding me as I do love the Indian culture and trying to learn more about it.

Thanks for reading!!!! :)

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