Tia (proceedcyclone) wrote in add_me,

My name is Tia. I am twenty-six years old (twenty-seven in about a week and a half). I live in Sacramento, CA. I have a bachelors in psychology and enough units for a bachelors in English Language with an emphasis on teaching but am a few units shy due to bureaucratic red tape. Currently, I work as an instructional assistant in middle school, but aspire to be the teacher someday. Originally, I wanted to teach English, but I’ve fallen in love with the special education students and believe that that is where my future is.

I am recently married (about a two and a half months) and we recently bought a home (about a month). We have two cats and a turtle.

There’s been a lot of life changes recently and I would like not only write about it more, but share it with people and my friends list has been pretty sluggish in recent years. The more I write, the more my entries are made friends-only, but it really depends on the entry itself as my journal is definitely not strictly one or the other.

I have been part of LJ since 2001 and though my posting is sometimes sporadic, I always read. Ideally, I want friends that are in similar stages of life as me, who post and comment regularly (which isn’t the same thing as frequently). I like having new things to read and I enjoy getting to know more about people and connecting with them. I would like a friend that comments if for no other reason than that builds the relationship.

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