Asilef (asilef) wrote in add_me,

New start, new LJ, new friends.
I just wrote an intro post in my journal, which is public, so you can read that if you'd like.
To add to that, though:
I love wine. I love cigarettes. I love pot.
I'm 22 and single, just recently broke up with a boyfriend of 3 years because he moved across the country and we didn't think long distance would work.
I really love to read, but I am not into the vampire/werewolf/whatever genre that is so big right now. Maybe I am just a walking cliché, but JD Salinger is my favorite author and anyone who wants to judge me based on that can fuck right off.
I really love music. I am not a fan or anything of the band Orgy, but I credit their song "Blue Monday" with shaping my music taste into what it is today. Lars Frederiksen & the Bastards is my favorite band right now, if that gives you an indication of what I like, but I enjoy a wide variety of musical genres. "Glendora," by Rilo Kiley is one of my favorite songs of all time.
I don't have any stipulations for being my friend (you must comment always! you can't have differing opinions from me! or whatever), just add me if you want.

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