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Hey There

I got bored and you can never have too many friends. My LJ name is Sephira or Seph, my real life nickname is Mimiko or Mimi and I am also called Rebel at work mainly because work wants me to change my hair, coz, it's not in the dress code. I don't wanna change it so I hide it in headbands.  That's my pic below.
This is me

Now that you've seen me...I love to write. I'm always writign something. I am great at coming up with characters and places, I am currently writing a het erotica novel, I plans to write a yaoi erotica novel and I have in progress a yuri erotica novel (it's still being worked on as we speak). I also write poetry.

obess love Adam Lambert,  Makoto Tateno, anime, manga, Vampire Knight (one of my fave animes/mangas). My other fave yaoi artists are Eiki Eiki, Yamila Abhrams and Hinako Takanaga.

Makoto Tateno is my fave Yaoi manga artist. I love her work...I am a huge Adam Lambert fan and I support him in whatever he does. I also adore cats and cows (they are my fave animals). I also enjoy cosplaying. My best friend and I are going to Yaoi Con in San fransico in Oct. We're super excited to go.

I normally talk about animne/manga a lot in my LJ. or a talk about my best friend and I sometimes talk about my writing as well, even though I have a writign comm with my best friend for that. My music interests is Adam Lambert, Malice Mizer, Gackt, Duran Duran, New Kids On The Block, Super Junior, Miyavi, X Japan.

Other little things I enjoy. I'm a BIG Japan fanatic. I'm slowly learning Japanese, I love the culture, Gothic Lolita, Lolita and J-Rock style. I love the History, my fave 2 Japanese warlords are Usegi Kenshin and Takeda Shingen. I love Japanese live action tv shows and movies. I love Blood Hound, Shinobi Heart Under Blade, Moon Child, Death Note movies, Japanese horror movies.

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