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hello everyone. I go by the name Liz, 24 years old & looking for true friends or just people to talk to.
-*Happily taken by my pumpkin, my love, my goydo, cososo, bebe lindo, mi amor, my sunshine a.k.a Treb. btw those are the nicknames I've given him. ;)
-*working as a nanny & am not happy, my boss is an idiot, ugh!
-*have a bad habit of smoking weed =/
-*I'm like any other person, I complain, I speak my mind but always with the upmost respect, well for those who deserve it.

Likes: puppies, writing, keeping diaries, lots of different music (hip-hop, r&b, rap, pop, cumbia, bachata), sushi, sashimi, friends, starbucks, dunkin donuts, coolattas, dancing, reading journal, beach, taking massive pics

Lets be friends. ;)
(no guys, sorry)


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