sea_sorceress (sea_sorceress) wrote in add_me,

Hello. I’m a new one in here, registered just a day ago. I’m looking for interesting people to talk to, to read, to comment…

My name’s Anna and I’m from Russia, Moscow.

I like hiding behind really big books, looking at cigarette smoke, eyes the colour of dark chocolate, coffee all day long, videos with funny animals, shades of blue, people who say what they think, keeping secrets, swimming in the sea, smell of paper, antique shops, colourful dresses, swings, fairs, theme parks.


I don’t like big mustaches,  cold, when people lie and pretend, phone calls, “made in china”, too loud voices, stupid comedies, musts, TV, rude words, slush and grey dull days, arrogance, when tealeaves get in my mouth.

So, if you’re interested...

Oh, and I’m a dreamer.


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