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Name: Kat
Location: near military base, North Carolina
Age: 16
Birthday: April 29, 1994
Sign: Taurus
Gender: Female
Status: Single
Orientation: Straight
Occupation: Student, volunteer
Religion: Baptist but I'm not really reglious and not even sure if I believe in God
Language: English, some sign language, and a little bit of German
Facebook/Myspace: Yup. Ask me.

Interests: Reading, writing, volunteering, animals, traveling, psychology, video games, music, photography--a ton of stuff.

About Me: I'm a big animal lover and I want to be a vet tech when I grow up. I want to travel and see the world; I lived in Germany for a few years when I was younger because of my dad's job but we haven't left the US since we got back from there eight years ago. I'm a pretty serious person, at least at first, but I'm a spaz when you get to know me. I can't swim. I have Social Anxiety Disorder, along with ADD, some signs of Depression, and paranoia so, if that makes you uncomfortable, I'm sorry. I'm still learning all those social cues and things that you just don't talk to people about that I never learned due to my anxiety so I'm awkward a lot, although my therapist and medication helps. I'm not exactly a friendly person, even when I'm not anxious, but I do have plans with a girl I've known since third grade tomorrow and plans with a girl I met in one of my classes last year on Wednesday (that could go good or bad, depending on who all is there).  I'm an only child and my dad's military. I volunteer at a no-kill animal shelter and love it because I know the volunteers, know what I'm doing, and have some responsibility.

As for movies, I don't watch a lot of them. Theatres scare the living crap out of me (anxiety issues) so I avoid them as much as I can. I wait until the movie comes out on DVD and either download it online or rent it on Movies-on-Demand from my TV. I like romantic commedies (A Walk to Rememeber, Sweet Home Alabama, Leap Year) the most but I like action movies (Iron Man and Transformers) and I'll watch pretty much anything as long as it's not horror (I have a vivid imagination; even watching Finding Nemo when I was a kid convinced me that the shark was going to come eat me.).

Book-wise is a hodge-podge of different genres. No horror but pretty much everything else. Sarah Dessen is my favorite author; I've got all of her books. I'll read historical fiction and memoirs if they're interesting enough. I don't go to big bookstores much; it's either I read stuff online or I visit my favorite used bookstore.

TV-wise, it's pretty much anything that intrests me. One minute I'll watch Disney Channel and the next I'll be watching something about underground tunnels on the History Channel or the French Legionaries (sp) on the Military Channel. I watch Huge on ABC Family when I remember and try to catch Obsessed on A & E but always forget about it. My dad's best friend made all of us watch some Ghost Hunters show, with some British lady. The funniest part was when the guy started cursing and running up the stairs. I love murder-mysteries.

How many penpals? Tons!
How many do you currently have? Four, I think?
E-mail: Yes.
Snail-mail: Maybe when I graduate high school but not now.
How long are your letters? Depends
Handwritten or Typed? Typed. I have messy handwriting.
Reply time: As soon as I read it.
Gender: Either
Location: Anywhere and everywhere but it'd be a bonus if you were from Ireland or Nebraska: I want to go to college in one or the other.
Age: Don't care
Livejournal: Yup!

:) -Kat



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