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Another Add me post

I'm Kerri, 22 from Sydney, Australia. I'm a postgraduate Psychology Student, current doing my last semester before I decide what to do next. In the mean time I work as a casual at Sunglass Hut and I have every crazy customer you can imagine. If someone is going to be annoying, stupid or just plain crazy they are going to walk into my store when i'm working and I'm the one who has to deal with it. I'm betting its because i'm studying psych!

Anyways my friends list is getting quiet so I decided to do another post to meet more people. If i'm not working, or at uni, I'm either online just browsing, watching tv or going out with the girls. I love dreams, in fact, I dream pretty much every night and every so often, some of the really crazy ones get posted in here. I'm dying for spring to come back so I can spend time at the beach and yeah...

Comment here or on my friends only post  if you want to be friends. xx

Oh and a photo under the cut: I'm the girl in the middle.


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