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Hi to everyone :)

Hello! I'm Lizzy and 22 years old from cali :)

I heard of this site through a friend and decided to check it out to get to know new people

I love to do a lot of things from both extremes I like to just be at home and read a book


Get crazy and go to bars and clubs <3 Vegas is def a place I like to go to

I grew up on sports and have a competitive nature at times :$  but when i see someone is hurting I try my best to help them out or just be that shoulder and ear that might be needed =]  I might not always have the right thing to say and might not always say what you want to hear, but sometimes people need to hear the truth even if it could sting a little =\

If you'd like to chat or need help or just want to vent just add me ^_^

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