Mina D. (countess_mina) wrote in add_me,
Mina D.

Hello. My name's Mina, I'm (almost) 19 years old and living in Slovakia. I study fashion design, this year will be my last. I like to draw, sew and to be creative. I can't live without music - it's my Muse. My favourite bands and artists are Emilie Autumn, Marilyn Manson, Holocaust, Jeffree Star and HIM. And I love the sound of bagpipes (I'm probably the only person alive that has "Scotland The Brave" on it's mp3-player :P). Yes, I want to move to Scotland one day... and perhaps (hopefully) marry a Scotsman in a kilt who will play on his pipes day 'n night. :D I like to read - I don't have a favourite genre, I'll read about anything if it's interesting. Except for Twilight. I'll stick to the good vampire literature - Stoker and Anne Rice, thank you. I'm interested in history, with my favourite Ancient Egypt, Middle Ages and Secession. My favourite historical figure is Vlad III. known more as "Dracula" or "The Impaler" and my idol is Dita von Teese - she's the most beautiful creature in the whole world! Also I'm into anime and maga. My most loved are Yu-Gi-Oh! and Hellsing.

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