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It's been a little over half a year since I've done this, so I'm giving it another go! 
My parents blessed me with a name most people seem to find difficult, though many agree its beautiful to say. I go by Zia or Kuri. I'm a 21 year old bouncing back and forward between two countries, balancing a life with my family and my boyfriend.

I'm tri-lingual: Spanish, English, Japanese... and I dabble in french. I love languages almost as much as I love studying different cultures. I'm completely stress-free to the point that it's dangerous. There are very few things that get to me. I love sweets, sleeping, and scribbling.  I also enjoy leisurely walks, photography, dancing in my room and going for tea at the most random moments. 

If you check my blog out, you'll find random stories about me and my boyfriend. Lately, it feels like I've fallen in to some magical fairy tale...which will unfortunately end for some time next month when I return to Alaska to study. That's right! After screwing myself over, I've decided to pay off debt and return to school. I'll be studying International business, despite my hatred of math. Now, I work as a supervisor at one of the biggest stores on a tiny little island.

Tune in to my ipod and you'll find a lot of foreign music, most being from Korea and Japan. Bands like Hilchryme, Bump of Chicken, Arashi, Kat-tun, Big Bang, SHINee and Super Junior top my list. However, you'll also find great bands like The Goo Goo dolls, Bon Jovi, Sixpence none the richer, Tyrone Wells. Somewhere, you'll also find Lady Gaga and other dance music.

Movies are also a great time killer for me. Anything by Miyazaki, anything starring Johnny Depp, or anything from Guillermo del Torro is great. Classics like A streetcar named Desire are also loved! I like anime, but not a lot of the newer stuff. The old stuff is where it's at! I still read manga, if only to keep up my language skills. I love Asian dramas and American reality tv.

Other little tidbits: Interested in the paranormal, love jean clothing, air-headed, forgetful, playful, love 80's and 90's sitcoms, not afraid to make a fool of myself, dieting.


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