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I'm Gen/Geni/Gennie/Genny. All those are short for Genevieve. I guess my name makes me come across as pretentious and posh. I'm really not.
I'm a 22 year old employed brit, living in a village an hour away from London that I despise with a job I love.

--I'm a bit of a geek. I love my xbox and World Of Warcraft (mostly for the lore and prettyness of the game, not because I like to pwn those n00bs.)
--I read. Not as much as I would like to but there is nothing like curling up with a good book on a rainy evening with a load of your favourite junk food.
--I love music. I play whatever instruments I can get my hands on. I studied music technology for 18 months at university but I lost interest and thought that leaving would be more beneficial for me than running up thousands in debt for something that I really didn't enjoy. 
-- I'm taken. James. We've been together a year and could not be happier.
-- I'm a great fan of public transport. I'm not really much of a save the planet kind of being, but I like to do my part. I don't drive, I don't own a car, and until I need to, I won't.

--I often set myself personal goals in my life, which is what I might talk about quite a lot. I'm working on a 101/1001 (101 things to achieve in 1001 days). I made a list about 18 months ago, but have pretty much given up on it and I'm working on a new list.

Okay I guess this has gone on long enough.


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