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allo, allo, allo!

i'm olivia. i'm 14, living in MA. vegetarian, bisexual, blehblehbleh. i'm in a long distance relationship, and come from a family of geeks.

some of my favourite bands are ra ra riot, passion pit, the cardigans, violens, and MGMT, but i'll listen to anything really. as for tv shows, all shows in teh whoverse, star trek, futurama, whitest kids u know, fullmetal alchemist, elfen lied, ouran, & various other anime. movies..everything michael cera's been in, hard candy, layer cake, and edward scissorhands. i'm a big fan of videogames as well & my favourites are fallout 3, borderlands, pokemon (obviously), and valve games. i like far too many books & such to list.

as for other, baking, fashion, culture, live music, computers, & making art. i've had a weird ass past, and will probably have a weird ass future. i am sarcastic, somewhat weird, extremely awkward, overly social, and perpetually confused. i used to want to be an artist, but reality slapped me in the face. so i'm not sure now, and i don't really want to be sure.

truth be told, i've no idea what you'll find in my journal. since, you know, i just made it.

and most of all, i just want to read my comic books.

lets be friends? :3

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