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Hi! I'm not new to livejournal, but this is a new account. I have friends who read my lj but none have an account.. so I thought I'd succumb to joining the "add me" community =P I update when I'm bored, to let out frustration, to just spill out random thoughts, or just to de-stress. I don't think I'm all that interesting so don't expect too much out of my entries! haha

A little bit about me.. i ramble! so sorry if it's long! :
I'm 23
I'm obsessed with Harry Potter!
In love with Lady Gaga
I'm very open minded
I get along with pretty much everybody I encounter
I'm not big into the party scene, but I still get drunk every once in a while
I go through spurts of being a clubhead, but for the sole purpose that I LOOOOVE to dance
I'm the kind of person to smile and talk to strangers
There's nothing that makes me happier than knowing I've made a difference in somebody's life
..but bookstores are a close second! reading is my thing 8)
I have a sick obsession with clothes, I can never have enough
I'm vain, I can't live without a mirror
But I'm far from being conceited
I LOVE DISNEY WORLD! I work there and practically live there because I'm always there in my free time.. I truly believe it's the happiest place on earth!
It's also where I met my wonderful/gorgeous/amazing boyfriend :)
More than anything I want to travel the world, the farthest I've been is Canada :(

I'll stop here! feel free to add if you wish :)

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