Freygerd (freygerd) wrote in add_me,

Hi Thar

Hello, hello, hello. Apparently these are done in list form, which is less awkward than, uh, otherwise.
  • 23
  • Artist
  • Recently lost dual citizenship; now 100% American citizen
  • In love with '70s & '90s music
  • Slash fan (or yaoi, whatever you prefer)
  • Taking care of mother after her stroke
  • Movie fanatic
  • Learning how to make origami
  • About to study under a local portrait artist
  • Nerdy ol' roleplayer
  • Once vomited on Dethklok while getting carried out of a concert *dies*
  • On and off vocalist for a Wisconsin thrash band
  • Loves the ocean despite rampant sea-sickness
  • Collector of Victorian books and mid-century art

Recently I've deleted my journal, which was a Sims 3 creation blog, and am currently turning it into more of a personal blog. Feel free to add :'D

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