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Boo ;]

Looking for new victims, er friends! ;]

My name is Holly or Della. I'm 20 years old & I will be 21 on December 9th.
I live in Orlando, FL.

I mainly post about my every day life, friends, pictures, books, movies, music & all sorts of stuff.

I will warn you now: If you have a problem with Sex, Drugs and Rock & Roll then you probably shouldn't add me.

Things I enjoy:

- Marijuana
- True Blood
- Dexter
- Hanging out with my friends
- Parties
- Reading & writing A LOT
- Smoking cigarettes
- Drinking a lot of coffee & caffeine
- Random adventures
- Cereal! I love it Yum
- Oh, & cheese
- Halloween or Fall & Winter time. I love the feeling in the air.
- Zombies, Werewolves & Vampires, OH MY!
- I also love faeries/elves.
- Harry Potter!! I'm a huge Harry Potter nerd.
- & various other things. You can check those out in my userinfo.

I post almost everyday. I comment quite often. I don't expect you to comment on every entry, but I do expect you to comment as often as I do. I'm looking for friends, not numbers!

I will be starting college classes on Monday, August 30th. I'm taking Sociology & Math. So you might see me posting about my life in college a lot, as well.


- You don't speak English. Sorry, I want to be able to understand you!
- You aren't going to comment or make an effort to even be my friend
- You are going to try to force your beliefs on me. Whether that is in religion or if you have something against drugs.
I don't care to hear it! I don't mind if you are religious, just don't get all huffy at me.
- If you have a problem with my opinions or what I write about in my journal, then don't say anything. Again: I don't care. You can give me your opinion all you want, I don't mind that! Just don't tell me I'm wrong.
- & if I know you in real life, I highly advise that you try & not add me.

:) So yeah. If you think we'll get along? I don't really have many rules.
Go ahead and comment on my Friends Only entry & add me.
I wont add you unless you comment & add me first!

Happy friending♥

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