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add me?

I'm Ashley. 22 years old from Pennsylvania.

I just started back at school again after being out of it for four years. I'll probably write about that a lot. I'm going for paralegal studies.

I'll also write about my boyfriend, my friends and my family. Maybe I'll mention my cat. I love him.

This journal is rather new, but I've been on LJ since I was 14. My last journal was just dead, nobody updated anymore, so I said fuck it and just made a new one. Yeah, I curse occasionally, so if that offends you don't bother adding me.

I don't care what your age is, as long as you're mature and not going to type like an idiot. It's not hard to type out 'you' or 'are' yeah. Add me?

Oh yeah, my journal is public, so you can check it out before you add me if you'd like.

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