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flawsand_all in add_me

Nadine-Heather, with a million nicknames.
20 years old.
Surrey, England.

I'm not new to livejournal, but this journal is very new.

It's going to contain a lot of exploration about myself and who I am because believe it or not, I've never made the effort to really find out.
I'll also write a bit about my mission to get my body the way I want for my Mum's wedding in December, my life in general and I think there'll be a few posts dealing with the past because it's a nice little form of therapy.

What I do know is that I have a million layers. I love nothing more than getting glammed up with false eyelashes, a pretty dress and ridiculously high stilettos. On the other hand, I also love lounging in my jogging bottoms and a hoodie when I've got nothing to do. I love the independence of moving out of the family home and doing what I want when I want, but I'll always be a huge family-oriented person. My friends mean the absolute world to me and I adore spending time with them, but sometimes I really enjoy being by myself for a few days.

 l like diversity on my friends page. The only people I don't want on there are homophobes, racists or sexists.
Other than that, I'll add pretty much anybody.
Age is no issue, but I like people who post and comment often as I try to do.

I'm re-building my friends list because I decided that a fresh start should apply pretty much everywhere in my life :).



You seem to be a pretty nice person and I'd love to know how your misson ends. :)
How do you feel about being friends?

I'd love to be friends, add?
You sound cool, friends? I'm 22, from Canada, a writer (among other things!)
I'm Vikki, 22, and from Kent (so I'm pretty close to you actually). You and your journal sound interesting so I'm going to add you. You're pretty. x

September 2022



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