Josiee (josieellen) wrote in add_me,

*awkwardly waves hello...*

Hi I'm Josie, its jo-see not jo-zee.
I started a new LJ because tbh i forgot my old password...
I don't know anyone that has one because, well my friends aint the blogging kind *sighs*

I'm 14, from North Devon & I'm a currently studying for my GCSE's
I love music, any kind honestly.
If you know any bands that you think are amazing, tell me and i will have a look and get back to you.
Muse + Death Cab For Cutie are the bee's knees i think.

I'm taking Art, Geography, German and Drama,
I love drama, I love my teacher, he is a legend, the amount of time i spend laughing with him, is stupid.
I love art, i wouldnt say im good, but my doodles are better than when i set out to draw.

I have my ears pierced, i plan to get a tattoo as soon as i can
I have two main phobia's.
Panic Attacks have become a part of my life,
I have one brother, im not very close to my parents,
I can be depressed and down, but thats part of me, i am also very happy

I think I'm a pretty strange person, but my friends still wanna know me
I'm impatient, i can get annoyed easily
I love people who can make me laugh, if you make me laugh, your in.
I cannot stand backstabbers or liers, if you are one, dont bother to add me.
I love comedies, laughing is my life.

My journals aren't really anything too exciting.
I will update you on my life, my love, my loss,
Whatever is going on, you will find out.

Be my frienddd? :)

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