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First I like your socks!!!

Amy is what my father and mother wrote on my birth cert. and what people tend to call me. Some call me boy...i call him sweetz as well...and we do say it with a z.

I is dork, and very much so...some would say nerd fighter perhaps, but i say i am not that smart I know where my smarts focuses in on and i just dont think it is enough to be a nerd but i am very enthusiastic and excitable so DORK it is. I love it though. I do have very strong opinions on that once in college i even wrote a very long and in depth look at how dork, nerds, and geeks are not one in the same. Which right there is proof alone of the dorktard that i am.

My blog is relatively new even though i am sorta kinda not to the livejournal. But this time i do feel it is my best one esp. since i recently am using it as a worded version of my soon to be vblog....which i am super excited about since i have wanted to do both for a long time. so it does have this coming up order I am super excited about it

Sixth cool beans bob's your uncle and other varies space killers.

I talk at the screen as i type, very very expressively .......anyhoozles......whatever chrome i think thats a word.... I really love mutually internet stalking each other and find it very hard to generically talk about who i am i figure that is what my prof is for and you can check that out. IF you do add me and want to jump right in monday is "me day" with mostly Q&A so feel free to leave comments with questions concerns and i will answer away I am an open book and I can BS so it will go well.

PS I like that shirt on looks good.

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