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Awkward Hello is Awkward

I really am not good at making profile posts, so I thought I would give you ten random facts about myself :) I hope someone finds them interesting enough to add me:

* I am a Veterinary Technician student, and I work in an animal hospital. Since working there, I have discovered veterinary clinics really do show you the good and bad side of people. It is insane how terrible people can be over their animals. On the flip side of this, the owners that are legit concerned about their pets well being make the bad ones worth it.

* I am a Trekkie. A full fledged "deck my room out like the bridge of the Enterprise" Trekkie. This also goes along with my undying love obsession with Deforest Kelley. In addition to this, I am very active in the current Star Trek fandom. I am a fanfiction writer, and I do write for the fandom. It isn't often, but it does happen.

* My other fandoms include Doctor Who, Star Wars, Fringe, Lost, Heroes, Digimon, and Harry Potter. There are more, but I am sick and braindead xD

* I am allergic to cinnamon. It's really rather ridiculous.

* Every year I participate in National Novel Writing Month. This means every November, I set myself a goal of 50,000+ words to finish in 30 days. I have won this for the past four years. I will usually grumble about NaNo and share little snippits of it during this time :)

* I currently own: three cats, a dog, two ferrets, a rat, and a husband :) (Kidding on the owning the husband)

* One of my major passions in life is ancient Egypt, specifically the 18th dynasty. It's crazy and messed up and one of the most epic mysteries of all time.

* I have one tattoo - it is on my left wrist and is of the Egyptian sun god, Aten. It is a reference to my above obsession :)

* I love all things concerning medicine, but I don't like to watch medical dramas. I find most of them aren't anywhere near what it is like to be a doctor or in the medical practice. They're simply for amusement, and therefore lose my interest. I much prefer watching Monsters Inside Me, and other such things :D

* My blog will consist of my life - my family, my friends, my work. I wish I could say that my life is completely drama free. Sadly, it is not. I have a lot of fears, and hopes, and dreams. I have a lot of depressing times that happen to me. I do try to make every post end on a good note - I refuse to have blogs that talk about me wanting to die all the time. I can't guarantee, however, that every post will be super thrilling. I'm a human being :)

I hope there is someone that will find me slightly interesting. I love meeting people :) I love to talk, and I really love having a RELATIONSHIP. I don't just want comments. I want to get to know you. I'm not asking for a best friend, but I love to be involved in people's lives, even if that just means I read about your day. To me, that's all I need. I don't have any specific guidelines. Add me if you find me interesting :D But please, do tell me a little about yourself!!

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