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I'm bad at this part...

♥ Stephanie; 22 year old female (23 soon!); British Columbia, Canada.
♥ Interests; Writing, painting, drawing, video games, astronomy, history, music, reading, shakespeare, marijuana, sewing, photography & music.

Hello. :) I've been posting on livejournal since 2004. My posts contain much the same as anyone elses. They mostly include what happened during my day or random thoughts that I have. I love meeting new people and seeing things from a different perspective. My entries sometimes include topics like marijuana but, if you can handle that then we're all good. ;) I'm open minded when it comes to pretty much everything! I like sharing common interests with people, and giving/getting new ideas! (Like good books you've recently read!) I'm not a huge commenter but slowly changing that. :)

Feel free to add me. :)

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