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This is me

Hi There!!!!

I'm Emma, im 25 years old from Kent, uk. Im married to my wonderful Hubby Aj who was 1 of my closest friends before we became a couple let alone got married. He is my soul mate someone i can tell anything too, even though sometimes i vent about him in my journal but who doesn't vent about there man,friends family ect at some point right!?!?!?
Were trying for another baby, sadly we lost our 1st baby in Nov 2009.
I currently work full time as an Early morning cleaner for a cleaning company called TC Cleaning, cleaning at my local Sainsbury's supermarket opposite were i live. Im not happy in my job and haven't been for a while now. But im plodding on as there arn't many jobs out there these days, and you can walk out of 1 job into another like you used to be able to years ago. Im giving up work eventually once im due to have a baby and raise our children.

Stuff I update about:
Things that have happen in my life on a daily,weekly monthly basis even though i don't update daily, when i do they are full of what's been going on. Also i sometimes vent, about work,life and stuff in general.

Things I Loooove ♥

Cats,Betty Boop,1950's Rock'n'Roll,Books.... im such a bookwork i ALWAYS have a book on the go(currently reading Harry Potter and the Order of the Pheonix), Elvis Presley, Cooking and Baking, Dancing(1950's Jive),Taking photo's, Long hot bubble baths, drinking tea, sented candles, tattoo's(I have 5 at the moment),watching tv and dvd's, summer rain, using the internet, sending emails to my email pals(i currently only have 2 1 in russia and 1 in America), playing our PS2.

Fav ever films(dvd's i play to death hee hee)

Shawshank redemtion,Grease,Bride Wars,Speed,Titanic,Stepford wives,Braveheart,Gladiator,Harry Potter series,Disney films.

Music(stuff that makes me want to dance and sing at the top of my lungs)

Pink,Meatloaf,Elvis Presley, Alan Jackson, Mariah Carey, Micheal Jackson, Garth Brooks,Rhianna, Cheryl Cole, Duffy, Girls Aloud, JLS, much much more.

TV(stuff i love to watch and have set on series link on my sky tv)

Charmed,Friends,Ghost Whisperer,America's next top model, Dog the bounty hunter,Primeval,Goodnight Sweetheart.

True Stories,War-time Drama,Harry Potter series,Terry Prachett book, also i'll try any book once as i love to widen my reading boundries.

Well that's me in a nut shell

Emma x

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