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I'm a spanish-italian girl living in Milan.
I work as a lawyer but it's not my dream work at all. I'd like to write a book one day but I've only written short stories at the moment.
I love reading (yeah I'm a bookworm)and my house is plenty of books.
I also like travelling and I've been in many European countries but I'd like to travel to Australia and America one day.
I'm a shopaholic (LOL!) and living in Milan means fashion is in the air so it's difficult to avoid it :p
If I could enjoy of a sabatical year I'd starting to learn new languages.I adore it!
I also enjoy a lot chatting with my friends in front of a good cup of cappuccino.
I'm an open-minded person,friendly,well-balanced,sometimes stubborn, tenacious and realistic.

I'd really like to meet people from all over the world who share some of my interests.
My Journal is friends only so please comment before.

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