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hi potential new friends :D

my name is sam. nineteen. tennessee. yeah, it sucks here.
my favorite color is green. and rainbow.
i live with my boyfriend in a crappy little apartment, but we're looking for a new home, this time in alabama.
i've been obsessed with bright and shiny things my whole life.
i love fashion, but you can almost always count on seeing me in public in pajamas and flip flops.
i have 6 cats, 2 dogs, and a parrot, all kept at my dad's because i can't have pets at my place.
i'm a gamer. i play mostly fantasy based MMOs. world of warcraft, everquest 2, junk like that.
i also love xbox games, but i don't have an xbox....so...yeah.
i collect childish things, i'm obsessed with hello kitty, carebears, invader zim, blue's clues, etc.
my music taste bounces around all the time.
my favorite thing about myself is that i'm incredibly passionate.
i crave creativity and color, art, love, helping people.

i add pretty much everyone. i would like to have atleast one thing in common with my ljers, but if not that's okay too.

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