Blerggggh (roie) wrote in add_me,

Addddd me!

I'm a spunky 23 year old named Robyn, but really, everyone calls me Rob. I'm working on my second college degree (first being an associates in Computer Info Tech, second is a bachelor's in secondary ed: english/journalism). I'm engage to a pretty cool guy that I've been with for four and half years. I'm really rather boring at times, I like odd things. I like to read up on serial killers and other gruesome things, strange things just catch my attention. I don't do the whole organized religion thing, I'm totally for gay rights (DADT is the most ridiculous law EVER), and I think ignorant people should live on their own island and leave the rest of us alone.

I like a good debate, I keep up with the world news, I update LJ pretty regularly, and I love to talk. Oh, yes, and I'm from the smack dab middle of Louisiana. I do eat alligator, crawfish, and other oddities. As much as I complain about this state, it's really rather beautiful.

BLAHHHHH. Enough. Just add me.

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