ever_mine (ever_mine) wrote in add_me,

 I've neglected my journal for about a year, and have decided to get back into it. Most of my old LJ friends have faded away, so I need new ones!

About me:
- 27, Female
- Chicago native currently living in Kansas
- Funeral Director & Embalmer
- I have a really entertaining dog named Lionel.
- I'm an Anglophile.

Things I like/know something about:
- Tudor history...it is my obsession...I have a Tudor bathroom in my house, no kidding.
- Human Anatomy/Physiology (see profession above)
- Steampunk culture
- Antiques (especially from Victorian era)

People I want to meet/friend:
- tattooed people (I have 3 and need more...I'd like to do sleeves and a chest piece)
- educated, intelligent people (Although education does not constitute intelligence....or vice versa...so just be a productive citizen with interests and ideas beyond MTV and reality shows.)
- no one under 21...I'm almost 28, what do I have in common with a 20 year-old?
- people who don't mind journal entries in list form
- people whose personal style and music tastes are stuck in 1994....mine are. If you were Goth in high school and never really "grew out of it"...we are going to get along great. If Fairuza Balk (Nancy) in "The Craft" or Robin Tunney (Deb) in "Empire Records" remind you of yourself...we will be best friends. 

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