Ashley ^.^v (hippieegrl) wrote in add_me,
Ashley ^.^v

add moi =)

HIIIII! I'm Ashley, 23-years-old, living in NY and married to my wonderful husband for over 3years. I use to use LJ back in 2003-2005 and now wanting to write again. I'm looking to make new friends again :) I never judge and age is never an issue whether your older or younger than me. I like: my iPod with all my music movies reading cats fall//autumn walking//getting lost in the woods Glee True Blood//Sookie Stackhouse novels Twilight movies// Twilight saga shopping//walking around the mall candles and lotions that smell amazing garage//rummage sales Just little old me :) My journal is friends only so leave a comment here or there to be added (=

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