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Hey, I'm kinda new to live journal and wish to make a few friends. I'm 19 years old and love reading about what other people are up to, I suppose I'm one of those people that thinks everyone elses life is more interesting than my own ^^''
Hmm... I'm not sure what to say... So I'll just post my little bio up for now =P

My name is Mizu.
I'm born February 2nd.
I am camera shy and sometimes mute.
I'm afraid of thunder and many loud noises.
I love the rain and cloudy weather makes me smile.
More often than not I am homesick and miss Japan dearly.
I have a cat named Killua. And a goldfish, Finny. Killua is evil.
I will be starting college this August, it's exciting but I'm nervous.
I cannot help singing along to all My Chemical Romance songs. I apologize.
Never leave me in a library unattended. Otherwise I will borrow around thirty one books.
And finish them all within two weeks. Hehehe...


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