Christine (anna_darkholme) wrote in add_me,

UGH I CAN'T BELIEVE I'M PIMPING MYSELF OUT AGAIN but on my off days I get back into lj and want more interesting things to readddd

-I'm generally sweet to my friends but I'm a mean little girl when I dislike someone and the shit-talkin a-starts.
-oh I'm not really a little girl I'm in my 20's
-I have a college degree in psychology which isn't good for much besides wiping my ass
-6 months ago I had a dead end shitty ass job at best buy that I hated and now I am a gate agent for delta airlines which I love. I also get free flying benefits and can post pix of crappy places so ya'll can see the best parts and not have to subject yourselves to having to go XD
-I have 2 cats, an Abyssinian who i mock for costing me too much who likes to climb up my leg which results in me screaming in pain and a black rescue cat who is the sweetest cat ever.
-I don't really care for nicki minaj's music but omggg I could stare at her forever
-I don't watch much tv besdies footall games but when I do it's usually Grey's Anatomy or Castle or The Office.

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