excuse me beauty (epic_evening) wrote in add_me,
excuse me beauty

And I rest at night.

stuff about me...

- I am Jasma but you can call me Jazz
- I 23 years old.
- I try comment as much as possible but I don't really read long entries. Just being honest.
- I can be shy and out going. I can be a very out-spoken person.
- I suffer from bipolar disorder, bulimia, borderline personality disorder and an anxiety disorder NOS. I am also on disability for it.
- My favorite shows are house, NCIS, true blood and law & order SVU but my true addiction is house.
- I am always listening to music. I listen to all kinds.
- I cuss like a sailor.
- I can be a very happy or sad person.
- I tell people how it is.
- Has a great family and friends. 5 wonderful best friends.
- I am not a big club person but I go to them and I DO party. I smoke A LOT of pot.
- I can be very hard on myself.
- I can't stand fake, stuck up, back stabbers, two-faced, bitch ass nigga. I am not scared to say the word nigga. 
- my bestie is gay and I adore everything about him.
- I am pro choice and I am very open minded person.
- Sometimes it can be like walking on egg shells around me.
- I try everything to brighten someone day.
- I read quotes on the daily.
- I have very short posts.

Don't add me if your just looking to make your friend list longer.

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