Katie-Ann ♥ (itsuzai) wrote in add_me,
Katie-Ann ♥

I'm coming home straight after work, so you can have me all to yourself.

A few things about me in which can be of interest;
- My name is Katie-Ann.
- I'm twenty years old.
- I live in England, in a small town near Wales.
- I live with my boyfriend of 16 months.
- I am a geek.
- I am addicted to Spongebob Squarepants and the Powerpuff girls.
- I write short entries, but occasionally long ones which I put under cuts.
- I try to comment as much as possible but I have a short attention span and don't like reading long entries [sorry]
- For an English girl, my English sucks.
- I have an obsession with Japanese things [music, collectibles, culture, etc.]
- My current favourite shows are; The Inbetweeners, The IT Crowd and Family Guy.
- I like people to add me if they have at least 2 things in common with me.
- I am a fussy person.
- I have OCD.
- I tend to bitch alot about people I dislike, but majority of the time I write about random stuff that has happened.
- I'm too hyper for my age :)

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