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I've been meaning to do one of these posts for ages, as the activity on my flist as dwindled greatly in the last year or so.

If you are interested in adding me, please add me first and COMMENT TO MY FO POST by clicking here. It also wouldn't hurt to check out my interests and make sure we actually.... ya'know, share some.

(as is seen on my profile)

I am a 20 year old, female. My name is Kelly. (thrilling, right?)
Currently a college student, attending school in Greensboro, NC.
Bisexual, Pagan, Polyamorous, and Liberal.
Very, very short. And curvalicious.
See my WHO'S WHO & WHAT'S WHAT post HERE! (f-locked)
My Writings/Graphics journal lives YONDER! (public journal)

The Important Stuff About My Journal & Potential Friends
(also copied from my profile)

1) First and foremost, I am only looking for friends who both post AND COMMENT.
It's rather difficult to get to know people over the internet as it is and
such difficulties are only exacerbated by infrequent communication.
2) I post and comment when I can, generally doing so enmasse 3-4 times a week.
3) This journal contains a variety of things: memes, picspams,
fandom posts, voice posts, rants, RL rambling, lyrics, surveys,
quizzes, music videos, and whatever else tickles my fancy.
Please only add me if you enjoy said variety and will read/give
feedback to multiple types of posts.
4) I change my layout, icons, and profile a lot.
5) Lectures on my lifestyle, such as it is, will not be greatly appreciated.
I won't judge you, don't judge me.
6) I have a darker, sister journal, that I will consider adding you on upon request.
7) When I type, I obviously do not use netspeak or take shortcuts.
I will not read the journals of those who do.
I find it frustrating and hard to decipher.
8) Anything I say or post in this journal, STAYS in this journal.
9) I'm happy to contact individuals via multiple modes of communication.
I love snail mail and emailing back and forth.
10) Feel free to PM or email me if you have any questions or concerns
you'd like to discuss before adding me.
**Aside from what's on my profile, I do have the occasional friends cut, if that matters to you.**

What I'm Looking For
As mentioned above, I am looking for friends who are active. That is to say, I want my flist to be full of people who both post and COMMENT. I've been an LJ presence for years, and have been around the block as far as a friends list is concerned. I've had 170+ friends, but I've also been down to under 10. Because my journal houses a variety of posts & posting styles, please only add me if you are interested in said variety. If you also maintain a variety in your LJ, that's a bonus. :D Basically, don't add me if you're only interested in fandom/pic/meme/RL/etc posts. Also, applicants need only apply if they are 18+. I'm sarcastic and curse... frequently.

The Mandatory Pictures o' Moi

x-posted like a fiend, sorry if you see this multiple times

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