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my_shipwreck in add_me

Hello, you fool - I love you.

I dig this community, since I've had some pretty good luck with it the last few times I've posted.
I have an office job, so livejournal keeps me sane when times are slow (so, every day). With that said, I'm pretty active. I post a lot, & I comment often enough. I can get along with anyone as my personality is pretty diverse, as long as you're not a douchebag I'm sure we'll go along just fine :)

I'm into Indie music & 80s. I love going to shows.
I'm also into photography & just bought a new camera so picture posts are to be expected with me.
Being a true Canadian, I'm also a huge hockey fan & have my teams logo & city catch phrase inked along my foot (Montreal Canadiens).. total die hard. I'm open-minded with fans of other teams though, 'cause hockey in general is awesome. I do have to try harder with Leaf fans, though ;)

I do enjoy reading, though don't do enough of it.
I like to paint, though I'm not that great. We'll pretend.
I like writing, good at it, but consider it a talent wasted.
I dabble on bass. I really only attempt to learn songs I like, & make my own shit up, though.

Anyway, that's all.
Add me if you'd like!



absolutely :D
Adding you! :)
I'm Canadian and strangely enough I don't like hockey but we have other things in common :)
Right on, adding!
Adding :)
+'d back!
ah, I like you! Add me back?
Thanks ;)
+'d back!
Hi! I have an office job too, so I feel your pain of needed to be on LJ all the time! I've added you, add me back?
Definitely! My boyfriend is a Bruins fan, so I respect. Haha.
& Horton played here in my home town before he was in the NHL.
i hope you don't mind? :)
Added back!
I'm adding you if for no other reason than the hope that I might finally understand the appeal of hockey.

July 2022



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