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I'm an eighteen year old Canadian girl in her first year of college.
I am looking to make some new friends on LJ-- preferably big nerds like me. I'm open-minded and am open to chatting!

In all honesty, I am a sporadic poster. I don't post until I think I have something to say. I do read my friends' journal entries and comment when I think I have something meaningful to add.

My interests range from video games to novels, and I am a huge BioWare fangirl due to their Mass Effect and Dragon Age franchises.

Music is my muse, and I listen to unhealthy amounts. Mainly Two Steps from Hell, Ray LaMontagne and Adele with dashes of Rachael Yamagata.

I have a morbid interest in the idea of a zombie apocalypse and have aspirations of hopefully writing a zombie apocalypse novel. I also kinda post about zombie apocalypses and how well I'd fare (which isn't very well).

I write, read, draw and sometimes my journals will have snippets of each. Mainly doodle dumps, because I am in a one-year art program.

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