Bettie Machete (xlucy_intheskyx) wrote in add_me,
Bettie Machete


The name is Su-Ling, which is mispronounced and butchered by the tongue on a daily basis. I'm twenty-three and reside in Wilkes Barre, PA. I'm married with "children" (two puppies). I enjoy photography, writing, volunteerism, people watching, saying things that shouldn't be said, and talking to strangers. I went to school for film and want nothing to do with the industry now (My favorite movie is A Clockwork Orange, and yes, I'm a self proclaimed film snob). Musically, I listen to a lot of alternative and indie. I prefer dive bars to swanky lounges. I am bipolar and live with fibromyalgia - but I don't let my disease define me (But I will write about them). I say I just have a case of dreamer's disease. I'm reckless yet refined. I can rock your face off with my ukulele and glockenspiel. And I'm just a tad on the random side. Friends?


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