Crystal (kurisitaru) wrote in add_me,

I always seem to wonder back here.

What can I say about me? I'm messy, adorable, sweet, a procrastinating student, tough, outgoing, self revealing, open, a risk taker, like the unknown, I love being loved, make friends easily, dance when no one is looking, love a good romance, I can be reckless, optimistic, positive, strong, independent, ambivalent about chaos, think I'm funny, love the abstract, I'm impractical, not good at saving money, fearless, trusting, a thrill seeker, not rule conscious, enjoy leadership, not like a lot of girls, one in a million, I'm one of a kind baby, I'm simply just me.
♥ Snow forts
♥ Calvin and Hobbes
♥ Laughing until my stomach hurts
♥ Dancing in the rain
♥ Video/computer/hand-held gaming
♥ Art and Creativity
♥ Walking barefoot on the grass
♥ Getting lost
♥ Camping
♥ Curling up near a fire with a good book
♥ Cats and Dogs
♥ A good joke
♥ Family/friends

I'll be honest, I stole this little description from my profile due to lack of a better way to describe myself. I'm currently following the Broncos, but I'm thinking I should just give up for the year. (Anyone following sports will know why). I've also found myself with far too big a reading list. If I managed to read a book a week, it would literally take me three years to finish the list. It is disappointing that I cant' finish a book in a week due to the fact that I have constant reports due, I've become a bit of a craft nerd, I tend to socialize and I'm in a constant war with dust particles and dirty dishes around the house.

I don't update in a usual manner. Sometimes I'll update every day, sometimes once or twice a week, rarely twice or three times a day, but I have updated at least once every month since I signed up for LJ. I tend to comment more than I write and I'm looking for someone with something interesting to say.

I don't want someone who is a potential internet stalker (been there, done that thankyouverymuch....). I do want someone who replies on occasion to comments or my entries. (Not all of them, just on occasion).
I don't want someone who obsesses over a boy or girl and gushes about them in every entry. I do want someone who writes about things they are interested in as long as it is somewhat diverse.
I don't want someone who is an extreme religious fanatic. I do want someone who is comfortable with whatever faith they have and won't be offended about differences in opinions between myself and other readers of my journals.
I don't want any racism, sexism, gayism, elitism, ageism, or other isms that you can think of. I do want someone who is proud of who they are and can tolerate whom ever anyone else is.
I don't want someone who can't type out a sentence coherently. I do want someone who understands that I won't always spell every little word correctly.
I don't want someone who thinks these minor details makes me seem stuck up. I do want someone who understands why I have them.

If you think we're a match let me know in a comment either here or on my journal and I'll be more than happy to add back. ^^

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