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My Background:

The name is Joanna, and Im from Colombia. I had lived in four different countries (Colombia, Italy, Greece, and the U.S.) by the time I was ten years old, but my family eventually settled in New Jersey. At the age where other girls started using makeup, I was beating up my brothers in Super Mario Bros. Ever since I can remember, Ive loved video games. I guess you could say that Im a geeky girl XD During the day, I work at an Apple Store at the mall. At night, for weekends and parties, I love to rock a mini dress and very high heels, but by day, I am a jeans and t-shirt gal.

My LiveJournal:

Randomness of epic proportions from the mind of a very geeky girl! :P

My Personality:

Spontanious, very bubbly and really hyper all the time. Even I get tired from all the stuff that comes out of my head!! :P I love dancing and parties. Totally outgoing and chatty. Always active… I’m not one to sit around!

My Style:

I dress for the occasion. Anything from kicks to heels.

Favorite Game:

Doom series. (The Doomguy is totally hot!!! :P)

Favorite Equation:

E=mc2...I love my physics! :D

Job Description:

Im an Apple geek! -glee-

Down Time:

I like to play video games, watch movies, read a good philosophy book, get outside and take trips to the beach, lakes, or ski mountains. I also can’t turn down a night of dancing to some good 80’s music! :D

Role Models:

The Frag Dolls, those gals are so amazing, I wish I could be as good as them :O And ofcourse, Albert Einstein! With out him, we wouldnt know anything about space! :D (I totally dig his hair :P)

On Boys:

There’s always tons around! In classes and at work the ratio is always in my favor! Playing online also got me tons of friends :D But Im a PC gamer, so you need some micro if you wanna go up against me!! XD Not to mention, most of my friends are guys also. As for one in particular...I’m gonna give it a few years before I start looking for him. (He has to be pro) :P

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