foldedtowels (foldedtowels) wrote in add_me,

I really should write a new one of these.

Friends who post regularly, have a sense of humour, intelligent entries and half-decent spelling. Fangirls, fanfic 'writers', roleplayers, cosplayers, camera whores, people over 5'10, friends from my other journal, people with B.O,
anyone who's ever hummed along to a Queen song, weeaboos or previous applicants need not apply. [exceptions may be made on a case-by-case basis, that is to say if I'm feeling sufficiently drunk to stop caring.]

Cats, cushions in the shape of animals, reading children's books, SFX hair dye, piercing in moderation, sneering, not partying, barely participating, video games, cassette tapes, eggs, VHS, British comedy, tea with milk and two sugars, marmite on toast, extremely spicy food, hugs from people who have recently bathed or showered, hi-tops, baggy jeans, old Disney films, Soulseek, being alone and jangly music.

Partying, socialising, arrogance, self-confidence in excess, other people's sex lives, drugs, the endlessly cheerful, heart hands, large dogs, horses, mushy peas, the New Musical Express.

Comment on my friends-only entry.

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