Jynx (jynx_2005) wrote in add_me,

Growing bored of LJ

I need new people's stuff to read and some new commenters.
You must be 18+
I'm growing very bored of Livejournal.
I promise not to bore you most of the time.
Sometimes I'm active for months and then you'll hear nothing for a while.
Sometimes I log in just to read posts and comment.
I'm a 23 year old female.
I'm very honest and blunt and I can seem rude.
Please don't add me if you are going to post rude or judgmental comments on my posts.
I don't believe in deleting comments no matter how far back they go or how out of place they were so you should think about things before you post them.
I am a very open book and talk about everything from sex to my life to boring shit.
As much as I do like to read posts of younger people to remind me what life was like only a few years ago, do not add me if you are not over 18.  I post things that are very inappropriate.
My profile is public so feel free to read a couple of entries to get the gist of my writing style.

Face to the name:

Oh yeah, no stalkers either.  I'm honest enough to let you know that it won't be tolerated. 

Hope to hear from you soon!!! 


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