Drea California XO (xxenviixx) wrote in add_me,
Drea California XO

Wanted: New Friends

I'm Andrea, but prefer to be called Drea.
I'm twenty-two years old, living in a place I hate called Tucson, AZ.
I live with my amazing husband and my burmese kitten, Kachina, which is the closest thing to a child I see in my near future.
I'm in an age gap relationship with a twenty-one year age difference and couldn't be any happier.
I update as much as I feel necessary, but try to stay current on my friends and comment regularly.

I like to party a lot, raves are my favorite. But I study as hard as a party and am a proud member of the national honor society. I love to go out dancing all night until the sun comes up, or throw parties at our home that roll over to the next morning. I took ballet for many years and plan on doing that once I get my work schedule straightened out. I do some modeling on the side and appear to be incredibly girly; my uniform consists primarily of high heals and dresses - however, do not let that fool you, I also enjoy going to the gun range and improving my aim with my .357, spending every Sunday during football season with my butt firmly planted on the couch screaming at the television in a fashion that even makes my husband blush, camping and going to Spring training baseball games so I can drink beer and heckle at 2 in the afternoon. =)

I'm obsessed with all things Hello Kitty, adore vintage clothing and find myself hooked on Alice in Chains at the moment. While on the subject of music, not that I think it's all that relevant, my tastes range from Lady Gaga, Marilyn Manson, Alice in Chains, Pearl Jam and Nirvana to Bille Holiday, Ella Fitzgerald and Bobby Darin.

I work and go to school, planning on becoming an entertainment or criminal lawyer and moving to Los Angeles as soon as I can. That being said, I love California, especially Los Angeles and the Malibu area. My husband and I were married on the beach there. =) But for now, I'm your friendly ice cream store girl working my butt off to follow my dreams.

As for the content of my journal, I write a lot about our parties and the raves I attend/help organize, my struggles with my former addiction and my eating disorder, sex, love, my sweet husband and can tend to rant once and a while about the legal system. I am bisexual, as well, and also discuss women I have massive crushes on and so forth. I used to take a lot of pictures and plan to resume this passion once I get a new camera.

I suppose, ideally, I'm looking for friends who have some of the same interests or do not mind the mention of occasional drug use, sex or my sugary sweet relationship with my husband. I am incredibly open minded and just want some new friends who have something interesting to say, be it about your daily life or anything else you deem important. Respond here or to my friend only entry.

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